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Kim C
Great Acupuncturist Cynthia is great. She is knowledgable and very personable. I always know I am getting the best care when I am with her.
Leola R
2nd Visit My 2nd visit to Green Tea Acupuncture was even better than the first. Cynthia made considerable progress on my mid-back cramping and was even able to relieve some discomfort from my hiatal hernia. I highly recommend Green Tea Acupuncture for alternative therapy.
Cynthia is AMAZING! I have had arthritis in my back for years without finding anything to bring relief. Upon awakening in the morning, I would be so stiff I had to sit on a heating pad just to be comfortable enough to start getting ready. After 1 session with Cynthia I was able to bend over and pick my slippers off the floor upon awakening. I look forward to many more sessions with her! She is knowledgeable, caring, and acupuncture works!
Dina D
Feeling Better I have been to Cynthia at Green Tea Accupuncture 3 times now and the pain I was feeling in my hand has gone from a 7-8 to a 3. Cynthia really knows what she’s doing!! I plan on having 0 pain before I’m done.
Maria B
Dr. Cates is wonderful! Dr. Cynthia Cates is a wonderful acupuncturist! She is very attentive, a great listener and caring person. When you are with her, you know that you are in good hands. She treats me wholistically. She has my best interest and I have so much confidence in her. I will retain her great services as long I need them!I highly recommend Dr. Cates to anyone who needs acupuncture and best care!
Dorothy Mason
Green Tea Acupunture After the first visit I noticed a huge difference. I was able to raise my arm almost all the way and no night sweats. I highly recommend Green Tea, they are wonderful !! Don't put it off like I did, make an appointment now, you will not regret I promise.
Abeer S
Accupancher I received best acupuncture treatment from Cynthia Cates, I highly recommend this treatment for back pain.
Teri R
Jeweled Ear Therapy Cynthia placed a jeweled ear piece on each ear which I kept on for 5 days. They were great for helping to keep my anxiety under control and also helped me to sleep great. Normally I wake up numerous times during the night, but these helped me to sleep straight thru the night. Cynthia is an amazing acupuncturist whom I would recommend to anyone (and have).
Mary B
Acupuncture Experience This was my first time having Acupuncture and I loved it. I look forward to my next appt.
A natural miracle One liner: I shuffled in five weeks ago leaning heavily on a cane with poor balance and PAIN; chronic pain. I have received 5 treatments (1 x a week) and am without a cane and pain levels have decreased from 8-9 levels to 4-5 levels. Pain has been chronic for over a year and now I have HOPE of getting my life back. The setting is clean, comfortable, and professional. Cynthia is kind, knowledgeable and truly cares about all aspects of her patient's life (without being intrusive or nosy). It has "cured" nothing but it has IMPROVED my quality of life and I am looking forward to continued improvement in the months to come. I am full of hope and have "pain-free moments" to build upon. Her rates are more than reasonable, so if you are curious, try it!!
A Veteran
Vets Choice, Pain management and so much more Cynthia is awesome! With really intense chronic pain, female hormone issues, and autoimmune challenges that the VA supported me by issuing me Veteran's choice benefits since nothing was helping, has been a life saver!! My mobility and state of mind that there is help to make things more livable is possible, and Cynthia knows her stuff. Super grateful!
Ann C
My First Visit This was my first experience with Acupuncture. Cynthia was incredibly professional, yet so personable. The visit peaceful & I actually experienced pain relief by the next day. Two days later I am already able to reduce my pain medications. Thank you so much.
Carol J
Really works Only two appointments and the pain improvement is unbelievably good. Can't wait for next appointment.
Richard J
RJ relaxtion To me my treatments work very well I have been trained to be able to help my self with mind over matter ,but this reinforces the mind and the nerves together to give me even more relief .My treatments work well for me and I think you do a very good job in fine tuning the treatments
Eileen J
New to Acupuncture This was my first experience with acupuncture. My goal was to learn about the practice and benefits and to get relief from hip and back pain that has been ongoing for several years. I not only gained knowledge and understanding but learned about the benefits beyond what I had imagined. Cynthia's understanding and ability to discuss my specific needs has been outstanding. I am continuing my treatments and feeling better everyday. Thank you!
Carol B
Ouch! My Neck! I have been seeing Cynthia for over 2 years, mostly back related. When I woke up this week with a badly stiff neck I knew who I needed to see. While the stiffness is not entirely gone, the treatment I received has increased my mobility by 50%. Thanks Cynthia!!
Cyndi R
Try Cynthia, you won't regret it! I came in with a few different issues and Cynthia was able to help me with many of them. My heartburn was relieved in 1 visit. Yes, 1 visit! She helped immensely with my back pain and we continue to work on my kidney issues. She is very professional yet compassionate and a good listener. I was hesitant to try Acupuncture but wow am I glad I did!